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The Equity Engine was founded in 2021 by author, public scholar, and 2021 MacArthur Fellow Dr. Safiya Noble

The opportunities might be unique, but our stories are common. We need to to fund big ideas and reduce obstacles for women, now more than ever.


The Equity Engine aims to create the conditions where women can thrive with greater access to networks, resources, and opportunities. We do this by providing access to four areas we believe are essential to equity and positive social change: education, investments, mentorship, and mutual aid.


We know that women have a profound impact in making more equitable and just societies. The Equity Engine's mission is to invest in women who are creating opportunities for others.

We are grateful for your support!


Safiya U. Noble, Ph.D.
Founder & President


The Equity Engine believes in investing in people, projects, organizations, art/culture, and ideas that make the world a brighter, more equitable and just place.


I feel like I have a team in my corner that understands my industry, my personal struggles and goals for a better future in tech. Through Equity Engine, I've received introductions to key stakeholders in industry, been given tangible feedback and advice on my organization's objectives and pipeline, and gained exposure to a partnership community that is ready to be leaned on. 

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Tazin Khan Norelius

Founder & CEO, Cyber Collective

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