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Our Approach

Creating the conditions for Black women and women of color to thrive through education, leadership, investments in big ideas, and mutual aid.
Mother Daughter Portrait

We believe equity and opportunity are ignited by access to:

We give funds to individuals to enhance access to education as well as in collaboration with partner organizations and projects working to address systemic inequities.


We invest in networking, connections, and advice for women of color with great ideas, products, and projects--especially those that strengthen communities. We help to see ideas come to life.


We support fellowships and growth opportunities for emerging leaders at all stages in their professional life by providing access to mentorship, coaching, and professional networks.

Mutual Aid

We offer a crucial safety net

to women who may need to make unexpected  personal or professional transitions with small gifts that can make a difference in scaling their work to the next level.

The Equity Engine does not currently accept unsolicited proposals. The majority of the grants allocated by the Equity Engine are done so through invitation to submit a proposal. Please subscribe for updates (below) to be notified when we have an open call for submissions or visit this page.

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